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A.i.R. Images / Comments
DRAWinternational - Artist in Residence

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Artist in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Christophe Boulanger, Anastasija Komarnyckyj and Laura Donkers.

Retour dans le grand nord.

Merci encore pour votre accueil et ce temps de rėsidence à Caylus.

4 semaines pour nourrir les papilles, et ouvrir de nouvelles pistes de création.

Christophe Boulanger 2015


Artist in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Lui Medina, Maria O'Toole, and Kim Anderson.

I'm very much missing Caylus, and the two of you! I just wanted to formally thank you for a brilliant experience over the summer. Now that I am fully back into the cycle of work/teaching and so on, it's quite magical to reflect on the month of August.

Laura Rose Edmunds 2016


Artist in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Angela Arrocha, Darcy Johnson and Carla Stetson

I really appreciate all that you both did for me and the ability to work so productively throughout my two months in lovely Caylus. And darn, you and France have spoiled American food for me! I am really missing the fresh fruit and cheese!! 

Carla Stetson 2016



Artist in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Laura Edmunds, Robert Luzar and Lucy Siyao Liu.

I have to thank you yet again for providing me with the opportunity to come to Caylus - it was truly one of the most rewarding and productive residencies I've had (and I've had a few!)  Not least because of the fantastic conversations I was able to have with you both, which I value very much.  I have so much to think about and continue on with, I feel like I'm looking at my practice with new eyes - almost like I've rediscovered what drawing is all about... it's quite exciting!!!  I just hope I can keep up the momentum here at home...  I was sad to pack up and leave Caylus - I'm missing the village life and long days in the studio.


Kim Anderson 2016


Artist in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Andrea Ferrigno, Tomie Seo and Amy Dynan.

Just wanted to thank you and John again for everything, it was a very special and productive time for me.

Olivia Lennon 2015


Artists in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Clara McClenon, Jenine Shereos and Chris Franchevich

Thank you again for the opportunity to work and learn in such a rich environment with such good company. This past fall, I was able to have an exhibition of the drawings I began in Caylus. It was truly a pleasure to talk about the time I spent at DRAWInternational.

Clara McClenon 2015


Artists in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Nissim ben Aderet, Olivia Lennon, and Kim Anderson.

Je suis retournée à DRAWinternational deux ans après mon premier séjour. Malgré ce laps de temps, j'avais l'impression d'être partie juste quelques minutes boire un café au "Lagardère", place de la Mairie.
Le grand studio aux murs en pierre, "ma chambre", "mon lit", tout était là, comme avant; tout m'invitait à reprendre le travail au point où je l'avais laissé.
Et, surtout, rien n'avait changé dans mes relations avec les McNorton. John, ses observations et ses suggestions, nos convergences et nos divergences; le même niveau d'échange avec le maître et l'ami. Grete pointant des créations d'artistes pouvant avoir un rapport avec mes recherches. Enfin, la toujours belle et enthousiaste Aloïse, qui, avec son regard critique et passionné, s'est prêtée au jeu d'essayer quelques créations ensemble.
Les échanges avec les autres artistes présents ont beaucoup contribué à la réussite de ma résidence, du point de vue artistique aussi bien que du point de vue convivial.
Pour clore mon séjour, j'ai présenté mon travail - Erase, une performance vidéo et dessin "live" - à un public local très réceptif et chaleureux.
En repartant, je me suis donné deux ans pour développer un nouveau projet qui me ramènera encore une fois à la rue du Château, à Caylus.

Celia Eid 2015

I returned to DRAWinternational two years after my first visit. Despite this time lapse, It felt like I had just left for a few minutes to drink a coffee at the café "Lagardère", in the village square.
The large studio with stone walls, "my room", "my bed", everything was there, just as before; everything invited me to return to my work at the point where I had left it.
And, above all, nothing had changed in my relationship with the McNortons'. John, his observations and suggestions, our similarities and our differences; the same level of exchange with the master and friend. Grete pointing out artists work that may be related to my research. Finally, the always beautiful and enthusiastic Aloise, who with her critical and passionate view, lent herself to the game of trying out some drawings together.
The exchange with the other artists present contributed a lot to the success of my residency, in an artistic as well as friendly perspective.
To end my stay, I presented my work - Erase, a video performance and "live" drawing - for a very receptive and warm local audience.
On leaving, I gave myself two years to develop a new project that will bring me back once again to 'rue du château' in Caylus.

Celia Eid 2015


Artists in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Tomie Seo, Bruno Patyn and Clara McClenon

First of all I want to thank you again for a wonderful residency and when I reflect on the experience I am very very pleased.

The environment certainly was inspirational and planted seeds for future work.  Some of the challenging questions you posed to me John I think of often.  I haven't clear answers, but they do influence my decisions about present work I am doing.  

Sande Waters


Artists in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Angela Gooliaff, Jesica Lewitt, and Rebecca Norton.

I want to thank you for an exceptional experience and your wonderful hospitality.
You have created a heavenly place for artists.
You've helped me get inspired and opened my heart.
I have a feeling we will meet again.

Nissim ben Aderet.


Artists in residence - Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Sande Waters, Monica Rizzolli and Lui Medina.

Situated in a quaint French community rich with medieval architecture, DRAWinternational is a perfect residency for intense focus on an artist’s practice. The hosts John, Grete and their daughter Aloïse, ensure that all your needs are met. Intellectual conversationalists and excellent chefs, their passion shines for fostering artistic research and pursuit. They wish for nothing more than for your stay to be a productive and a fruitful one.

I highly recommend this residency to any professional artist who is serious about expanding their practice within a contemporary context rooted in historical relevance. John and Grete are engaged hosts with a wealth of knowledge and generously share their wisdom.

Last but not least, the residency is akin to playing all day in a giant castle.

Angela Gooliaff


Artists in Residence - Past - Present - Future

Drawings by Susan Walsh, Emilee Lord, and Boedi Widjaja.

I found your Artist Residency program on ResArtis, and singled it out from countless other international programs.
The innovative gestural drawing DRAWinternational seems to champion is very much in line with the direction I want my own work to take.

Stavros Pavlides


Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Celia Eid, Sande Waters and Jack Candlish.

Piece by piece I assembled.
Piece by piece you lengthened my limitations.
Away and away I peeled.
Away and away you removed my expectations.
Person by person I welcomed new ideas.
Person by person you welcome new artists.
More and more I became scientifically stronger.
More and more you balance the scales of life.

Thank you to you both for such amazing support, generosity and laughter here in Caylus with you, Aloïse and the artists and people I have met this month.

Niamh Merc


Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Niamh Merc, Katie Belcher and Barbie Kjar

"J'ai voulu  démarrer par le degré zéro du dessin: et c'est chose faite!
J'ai appris à tenir le crayon, le fusain et manier la gomme. J'ai appris à faire du trait une trace chorégraphique où on dévoile la main levé et la main tombé, sa force, sa délicatesse.  J'ai appris dessiner avec le corps, les corps, ses limites sans limites.
Le dernier jour, après des jours d'un travaille acharné,  j'était prête. J'avais acquis les connaissances nécessaires pour dessiner  sous le tabouret.
Hélas, je suis bien rentré. J'espère y revenir bientôt cette fois-ci pour dessiner sous la table, et une autre fois encore sous le escabeau, et encore une autre coup sous le tapis ..... de nouveau sous les nuages jusqu'à ce qu'un jour je dessine avec le monde sur ma tête et là j'en suis sûre j'aurais arrivé au NIRVANA.
Un grand merci à John et toute son equipe: d'une part, Grete qui assure avec maîtrise et générosité, entre autres choses, les dîners avec des mets exquis, et, d'autre part, Aloïse la belle de Harry Potter, gardienne du château du dessin de Caylus".

Celia Eid (Brazil)


Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Noni Boyle, Julia Hitchcock and Diane Richey Ward

"Since I've been back to Vancouver, I have been dedicating all of my time to my studio practice. I'm currently in a group exhibition at the Trench Contemporary Art Gallery here in Vancouver. I've also secured two more shows; a group show in October, and a solo exhibition for February 2014.
The things I've developed during the DRAWinternational residency have carried me a long way and continue to influence and shape my work now.
Thank you John for this inquiry and for all of the positive development that occurred during the DRAWinternational residency".

Evan Broens


Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Evan Broens, Andrea Por and Hannah Sarah James.

"DRAWinternational is a small privately run organisation with big ideals.
I went to Drawinternational to expand my thinking, become brave with the act of drawing and have quality dialogue with other focused artists. All of this was achieved and I found time there a strong foundation for my ongoing work.
Personally I loved being at the studio. John, Grete and Aloïse are wonderful, the small community of Caylus eccentric, the quality of work and dialogue terrific, and the meals at night around a shared table, delicious. They have become very fond memories".

Julie Payne


Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by James Thomas, Will Roberts and Sara Schneckloth

"DRAWinternational est non seulement un lieu magnifique architecturalement et géographiquement, mais aussi humainement. Grete et John savent faire coïncider des moments et des choses qui paraissent complexes avec simplicité. J'y fais toujours des rencontres passionnantes."

Louis Perrin


Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Will zajac, Lyndl Hall and Noni Boyle.

"My month at DRAW in 2010 was the highlight of my study leave. It kick started a new phase in my career. John is an inspirational teacher who was able to both challenge and motivate me. He moved my thinking and studio practice forward in dramatic and unexpected ways. I loved the way our conversations could flow from the studio, to the village, the dinner table and back to the studio. He and Grete could not have been more helpful and accommodating - thank you. And what a stunning setting! I would dearly love to return".

Margaret Brooks


Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Christine McMillan, Anook Cléonne Visser, and Evan Broens.

"We were made very welcome not only by John and family, but also by the local community who came out to support our exhibition earlier this year. A wonderful experience was capped by some thought provoking discussions and delightful cuisine. We look forward to returning at some point in the near future".



Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by Nadezda Tshernobail, Paul Beachamp and Ruth Trotter.

"The positive influence of my residency at DRAWinternational remains with me in every mark I make. The unique DRAWinternational program that John and Grete have developed was moulded to my individual requirements. My practice was challenged in a supportive environment.
The accommodation and studio space is amazingly comfortable and conducive to sustained arts work."

Christine McMillan


Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by digitaldialogues, Margaret Brooks and Katie Belcher.

"My time spent at DRAWinternational was great start to finish. John and Grete were extremely supportive and flexible. They challenged me to work through new ideas, while encouraging the processes I arrived with. The accommodations exceeded my expectations and they set up a public event at the end of the residency for me to present my work. It was an all around positive experience that I would recommend to other artists."

Allegra Denton


Artists in Residence: Past-Present-Future

Drawings by: David Nechak, Kazuki Nakahara and Julia Hitchcock.

"The month I spent in residence at DRAWinternational was inspiring, motivating, and incredibly productive. John, Grete, and Aloise have created an environment in which creative exploration, cultural discovery, and a rigorous studio practice come together seamlessly. The rich history and natural abundance of the region are stunning, and influenced my drawing practice in unexpected and exciting ways. My thanks to the McNortons for their kindness and generosity."

Sara Schneckloth